31 agosto, 2010

Create a cool text animation using Cinema 4D and After effects

Create a cool text animation using Cinema 4D and After effects: "

In this tutorial I would like to show you a cool text animation that was created using Cinema 4D and Adobe after Effects. Techniques presented in my tutorial are often used by the best motion designers. I’ll hope you enjoy my tutorial! Let’s get started!

Final Product

3D Text Animation Tutorial from forcg on Vimeo.

Important: Plug-in I’ve used in this tutorial can be found there http://nitro4d.x10hosting.com/blog/plugins/thrausi/thrausi-1-10/

Step 1

Create a text object and write anything you want as text. Under attributes of text object there are some settings you can adjust such as font type, size and so on.

Step 2

Use a plug-in in order to break the text object into pieces. In this tutorial I’ve used one called “Thrausi” which is free. Select the text object, open this plug-in choose the “Voronoi” section and change the value of “pieces” to 35 then hit “Break now”

Step 3

Now select all the fracture object which are created by this plug-in, click right mouse button and choose “Delete without children”. Don’t forget to clean up materials of every single piece, otherwise materials you assign won’t work.

Step 4

Now select all these pieces and put them into a new fracture object.

Step 5

Under attributes of fracture object select “Explode Segments” for mode part

Step 6

Add rigid body tag to fracture object

Step 7

Under “Dynamics” tab choose “on collision” for trigger.

Step 8

Create a cone object and place it just like on picture.

Step 9

Make it editable, put it into a fracture object then add a “rigid body” tag to this fracture object.

Step 10

Tick the “Custom Initial Velocity” check box and. Give one of these boxes a high value such as 3.000 to accelerate the cone object. Then jump to “mass” tab and select “custom mass and set the mass “100″

Step 11

Now jump to “Animation” layout

Step 12

Now press “cmd+D” key combination on your keyboard in order to reach “Modynamics” attributes

Step 13

Now add a keyframe to 1. frame by clicking over little circle near the “Time scale” section while “kntrl” key pressed down.

Step 14

Now copy this keyframe by clicking over it with kntrl key and drag it through right side. Drop it 6. frame

Step 15

Now select these two keyframes and make them linear.

Step 16

Copy last keyframe again and drag to 10. frame and change its “Key value” to “0.1″

Step 17

Now copy last keyframe two times and place one of them to 70. frame and the last one to 75. frame then change the “key value” of last keyframe as “1″

Step 18

Now this time follow the first steps in order to create another fragile text. However this time just put it into a fracture object and that is all, don’t add any mograph tag. Also make the previous text invisible.


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