10 noviembre, 2010

Loco’s Faves pt.2: Political Blogs on Japan

Loco’s Faves pt.2: Political Blogs on Japan: "

…and some US and UK. You know, for flavor.

Here are a few bloggers I turn to when I need to reconnect with the world, need to see Japan in the context of its place in it, or just need to get out of my head for a while and be entertained by writing of intelligence, ingenuity and cleverness.

God bless these guys! They help keep Loco un-loco.

In no particular order:

1-Our Man In Abiko- Do you have a blog you frequent that makes you feel smarter just reading it? Just knowing that you’re the type of person who can appreciate the blogger? Like the way you felt about Nirvana until MTV got their hands on them…

That’s how I feel about Our Man, and his work! Here’s a man with  enough swerve to talk about himself in the 3rd person. And sell it!

Check him out!

Tell him Loco sent you! And to stay way from MTV (and the likes)



2-Politicomix- Here’s another blog that brings intelligence and wit with a great deal of humor. Politicomix strips have brought a smile  to my face when I needed it, and have sparked ideas that inspired me. Topical, sharp, and thought provoking. Peep this man’s work and tell him I sent ya!


3-The King of Cups: Another political blog I happen to love, by a writer previously of Japan but currently back in the UK. He does posts intermittently but regularly enough. Being kind of cut-off emotionally and physically from American politics, it’s nice to have someone on top of it who’s tempered, balanced thinking and voice you immediately like and trust. It’s doesn’t hurt that he’s the smartest guy in the room, either. If there’s an elephant in the room, he’s the guy riding it! Check him out and tell him I sent ya.




4-The Tokyo Reporter- What can I say about this blog? It’s professional, done by professionals. You want to know what’s going on in the news here in Japan? Politically or otherwise? You want to read the stories, big and small? Well, here’s the place. Tell him Loco sent ya!






 5-Shisaku- So, what is it exactly you want to know about politics in japan? Wanna know what the people think of Kan? Want to know if agricultural interests are a declining force in Japanese politics? Want to know what the DPJ is up to? Want sharp, crisp commentary? Want it all without all the clutter and distractions? Well, here you go! Give Michael my best.


6 Smashed and Sinking - It’s just another shitty blog by some douche bag…he says, but don’t let his self-deprecation fool you. I think it’s much much more. Brilliant commentary on politics and anything else he can sink his teeth into. Go get yourself a Black Russian, have a seat and brace yourself to be edu-tained!

And tell him Loco sent you!





More to follow!


PS: I’m 10000 words into the novel, with 20 days to go. NaNoWriMo Ganbaru!

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