15 noviembre, 2010

Sunday Photo(s)

Sunday Photo(s): "Here are a few images from Ruby Beach, on the Washington coast. It's on the west side of the Olympic Peninsula, north of Ocean Shores by an hour or so by care. Like much of the Northwest's coastline, this beach has rock outcroppings and sand. As this sign explains:

Image credit: All photos and renderings by Cujo359

The rocks here have been gradually eroded away by the ocean. Maybe some day The Devil's Churn will look like this. In a few million years, say.

Meanwhile, here's what Ruby Beach looks like from the trail that leads there:

When you get there, you are presented with numerous examples of rocks sticking out of the ocean:

In some places, the waves have carved a hole in the rocks:

Which provides the opportunity for artistic shots:

Look hard enough, and you might notice the odd bit of driftwood:

Believe it or not, these photos were taken just a couple of hours after I took these pictures of Lake Crescent, which is on the lee side of the Olympic Peninsula. This is an example of how different the weather can be on the ocean side of the Olympic Mountains, compared to the landward side. Drive a hundred miles or so, and you can go from sunny skies to this:

Click on the pictures to enlarge. Have a good Sunday.

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